• Concept Latch Products

    A quick overview of our product range


  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Two-Way Travel Slide DA4165

    This heavy-duty two-way travel slide is made from corrosion resistant aluminium with a stainless-steel ball retainer and ball bearings, providing high-quality movement for even the most demanding applications. It offers solutions in industries including warehouse automation, railway, aerospace and marine.

  • New 3932 & 3932EC Full Extension Medium Duty Drawer Slides

    The new Accuride 3932 series are medium-duty counterparts to the light-duty 3832 series using the same 1/2-inch cross-section. This shared cross-section lets you use the 3932 alongside (or instead of) its light-duty counterpart for heavier or wider drawers. Loads up to 68 kg. & drawer up to 914mm wide.


    The 9308EZ-Release Kit is a drawer-release system that lets users open locking compartments quickly and single-handedly.
    Once installed, users need only to engage that handle to unlock that compartment.

  • Accuride Locking Handle Kit CBHAND

    Locking handle kit for rugged drawer applications. Lock-out conversion kit also available DYHAN4-5.

  • Accuride Range of Stainless Steel Drawer Slides

  • Accuride Light Duty Cabinet Drawer Slides 3832 Series

  • Locking Handle Kit for Rugged Drawer Applications - DBHAND

  • Accuride Tilt & Slide Operation

  • Accuride 3135EC premium-grade undermount slide for luxury spaces.

  • Accuride Slide & CMA installation


  • Erwin Halder KG - A High-Quality Product Supplier

  • Heavy Duty Lifting Pins & Threaded Lifting Pins

    Lifting Pins are heavy-duty lifting elements for quick and easy use. Special lifting devices, e.g. threads for ring bolts, are no longer required on the workpiece. All versions are corrosion-resistant. Suitable bushings with and without seals are available.
    Threaded Lifting Pins can be used directly in threads, without additional connectors. Threaded Lifting Pins can be inserted into the thread with the press of a button. Compared to screwing and unscrewing with a ringbolt it saves 85% of the time.

  • Halder Spring Plungers

    Spring Plungers are true all-rounders. They serve as components in scores of applications ranging from locking, applying pressure, and ejecting to impact absorption and cushioning to fastening, positioning, resting, rolling and shifting.

  • Ball lock pins, threaded lock pins & clamp lock pins

    The Halder pins can be used for locking, securing, contacting, readjusting or quickly changing two components. Our selection of ball lock pin products comprises a large number of versions and variants that are sure to fit any kind of use case. An excellent option for bore holes without undercut and for blind holes is the clamp lock pin. Alternatively the world’s first threaded lock pin can be inserted into threads rather than bore holes.

  • Halder Retainer catch

    A Retainer catch with 4 x 90° indexing by Halder to hold closed doors, drawers or flaps - see here how it works

  • Modular Fixture Systems. Fast & flexible installation - V70 T-Slot System

    The T-slot system is based on base plates with grid dimensions of 70 mm. Modular Fixture Parts can be positioned and clamped at the same time, allowing quick assembly. The V7´Modular Fixture System V70 is especially suitable for machining complex workpieces due to its positive locking and great flexibility. Diverse mounting blocks, slotted clamping angles, clamping bars, stops, piece angle, clamping vices with moveable or fixed jaw, locating pins, v-blocks and many other construction elements provide almost unlimited possible field of applications. Modular fixture systems are ideally suited for start-up series, prototypes and small quantities.


  • Southco D9 - DZUS® Tech Line Quick Access Fasteners

    D9-PR PCI Riser Cage Fastener Assembly. Designed for 2U Servers: Hand operation, spring ejected with a wide variety of receptacle options.

  • Southcos E6-70 Series of Torque Hinges in Stainless Steel

    Constant Torque Hinges holding in every position. Symmetric forward & reverse torque 0.9 N-m, 316 stainless steel, polished

  • Compressed Southco R4 Rotary Latch System

    Check out this system!

  • Product Demo Southco HH – Sliding Cover Latch

    See how the of the HH Sliding Cover Latch allows users to unlock and remove covers and service panels with one simple motion. Its low-profile design fits easily into design, maximizing the available space within the enclosure. Featuring an easy-to-use pop-up handle for fast intuitive operation and a secondary catch function to ensure robust latching, Southco’s HH Sliding Cover Latch enables fast access and secure closure, without time or risk of fastener loss associated with conventional screws.

  • What is EAS?

    Complete Electronic Access Solutions by Southco

  • Southco Aerospace Products


  • Sugatsune HG-JG150 Gravity Self- & Soft-Close Hinges

    Automatically and slowly close doors from 65 degrees. The self-close feature uses gravity, and the soft-close feature is due to a built-in damper. Lift-off function in the open position.

  • HG JHS11 - Lift assist hinge

    Lift assist hinge from Sugatsune

  • One-Way Torque Hinges from Sugatsune

  • LL66 Lever-Latches

    LL-66 Lever latch in white, black or stainless steel

  • HG-JV65-U Concealed Soft-Close Hinges from Sugatsune

    Concealed hinges for vertical use.

  • LL-66 Hidden Latches

    Hidden latch for cupboards, available in white, black or stainless steel.

  • Soft Down Products - NSDX Series

  • Sugatsune Self & Soft Close Stays HDS 10 Series

  • Soft Close Motion Technologie from Sugatsune

    With a great range of products for a variety of applications.

  • Sugatsune 14 HG JHM Series Damper Hinges

  • RV Catch Latch 2922

    Latches for use in combination with our soft-close RV Hinges : https://www.conceptlatch.com.au/product-category/hinges/rv-and-caravan-hinges/

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