D.G.N. has more than 50 years experience in producing hinges for furniture and kitchen appliances for Automotive, Boats, Caravans,  RVs and more. The range offers hinges with/ without cups, suitable for 5-20 mm thick cabinet doors. D.G.N. is the European leader in supplying the most important R.V. manufacturers.

RV & Caravan Hinge 2912

RV and Caravan Hinge 2912 Adjustable spring hinge

RV & Caravan Hinge 2854

RV and Caravan Hinge 2854 170 Degree invisible hinge for cabinets

RV & Caravan Hinge 2856

RV and Caravan Hinge 2856 Spring loaded position control hinges for RV and caravan cabinetry

RV & Caravan Hinge 2952

RV & Caravan Hinge 2952. Soft-closing & opening system.  

RV & Caravan Hinge 2952-3M

RV & Caravan Hinge 2952-3M. Three spring soft-closing & opening system.

RV & Caravan Hinge 2962

RV and Caravan Hinge 2962 opening up to 130 degrees.  

Catch Latch 2922

Catch lock 2922 designed to be used in combination with soft-close RV Hinges.

RV & Caravan Hinge 2953

2953 Soft Close Door Hinge with adjustable spring.

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