For more than 100 years Southco have helped customers solve and overcome engineering challenges. We here at Concept Latch, Lock & Hinge are proud to be Authorised Distributor of the Southco range of Access Hardware Products in Australia. Southco are a proven leader in the supply of innovative access hardware solutions.

Southco 07

07 Draw Latch Over centre Living hinge

Southco 37

37 Draw Latch Series Flexible Over Centre Latches

Southco 91 Series

91 Draw Latch Series Under Centre Adjustable Latches

Southco 97

97 Series Draw Latches In a range of sizes & materials

Southco A1 Series

A1 Draw Latch Series Heavy Duty, adjustable over centre latches: Accommodates high working loads and...

Southco A3

Slide-to-open, Flush mounted latch

Southco C2

C2 – Compression Latch Lever Latch

Southco C5

C5 – Compression Latch Sealed Lever Latch

Southco C7

C7 Draw Latch Flexible Over Centre Latch

Southco E8

E8 Draw Latch Adjustable over centre latch

Southco F7

F7 Draw Latches Flexible Pull Type Draw Latch

Southco Grabber catch latch C3

C3 Grabber catch latch Pull to open, grabber catch latch with integrated Microswitch

Latest News

New Heavy-Duty Actuators from Southco

New heavy duty actuators from Southco provide remote release of multiple connected rotary latches. Southco, a global leader in engineered access solutions, has further expanded its successful line of rotary…

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