Universal Latch Sensor

We’ve all been there. The job is done, you’re halfway back to the break room, your desk, or maybe even halfway out the door when you stop in your tracks and think “did I lock that door?” With a groan, you turn around and start the long walk back to a door that looks closed at a passing glance, but who knows if it is accurately secure.

Southco removes this guesswork with a beautifully simple device: the Universal Latch Sensor (ULS). While many sensors can tell if a door is closed or not, they can rarely tell if a door is locked. The ULS attaches to an existing latch and plugs into your Internet of Things to give real-time feedback on whether a latch is open or closed. When you need to be sure about security, the Universal Latch Sensor puts the answer at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

The Internet of Things doesn’t need to be complicated. Southco’s Universal Latch Sensor is a simple magnet that attaches to an existing latch, and a magnetic sensor that attaches to the inside of an existing door frame.

When the door is closed, and the latch is engaged, the magnet comes into proximity with the sensor, sending an electronic signal to your security system. This lets you know the door is closed and the latch is secure. Due to this simplicity, the Universal Latch Sensor is compatible with any cam with a magnet attached to it.

This signal from the ULS can be used in a variety of ways, from integrating with your state-of-the-art security system, to turning on lights inside an enclosure. No matter how complex or simple the application, the ULS can be easily integrated to provide more reliable security and monitoring. Where door sensors may return a “closed” signal even if the door is unlocked, the Universal Latch sensor monitors the latch itself, so users always know if their door is closed, and their latch is secure.

For example, it can be used to turn on indicator lights on a dashboard when a latch is open, or internal lighting, illuminating the inside of an enclosure or storage area before the hinges ever move. Southco also offers a sensor with built-in LED’s that automatically illuminate when the latch is opened.

Even if a latch isn’t closed, the Universal Latch Sensor still sends a signal to anything connected to it. This allows your security system to keep a detailed log of when a latch was opened, how long it stayed open, and when it was locked again. The signal can also be used to illuminate indicator lights to show when the latch is closed or open.


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