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Eberhard is one of the leading manufacturers of transportation hardware in the world, such as industrial door handles, heavy duty industrial hinges, industrial door hardware, industrial latches, military products and hardware.

Eberhard Mini Rotary Latch 1-240R & 1-240L

Mini Rotary Latch Assembly. Left & Right Option (Right hand shown).    

Eberhard Rotary Latch 1-400 Series

Eberhard Dual Stage Rotary Latch 1-400-R & 1-400-L (right hand shown)

Eberhard Rotary Latch 1-475 Series

Eberhard Dual Stage Low Profile Rotary Latch 1-475-L & 1-475-R (right hand shown)

Eberhard Pull Ring Slam Latch 1030

Eberhard Pull Ring Slam Latch.

Eberhard Push Button Latch 2-682-PK

Eberhard Push Button Slam Latch with finger pull 2-682-PK

Eberhard Compact Rotary Latch 200

Eberhard Compact Single Stage Rotary Latch Assembly. Ideal for small doors, panels & lids.

Eberhard Passenger Restraint Latch 206-XU-L

Eberhard Passenger Restraint Latch. Right & Left Hand Available. (right hand shown)

Eberhard Striker 240-52U

Eberhard Striker Pin 240-52U. 3/8″ Dia.

Eberhard Mini Rotary Latch 240L 54 & 240R 54

Eberhard Dual Stage Mini Rotary Latch Assembly. Available as Right & Left Hand (Left Hand...

Eberhard Striker 2T-400-52

Eberhard Striker Pin 2T-400-52. .55″ Dia.

Eberhard Grab Handle 4300

Eberhard Grab Handle 4300. Heavy Duty Formed Steel

Eberhard Grab Handle 4302

Eberhard Grab Handle 4302 with Stamped Steel Insert.

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