Pinchweld Range Page 3
Pinchweld – EPDM Rubber & Sponge Schlegel in a range of styles & sizes

Product Features

Pinchweld PVC/EPDM Sponge
All supplied in 50 Metre Coils
All dimensions in millimetres
Materials have been tested to and comply with the requirements of MVSS 302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard). Submitted sample shall not burn nor transmit a flame front across its surface at a rate of more than 102mm per minute.
Please refer to the pdf download for more information on the range

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Pinchweld Range 2

Pinchweld Range Page 2 Pinchweld – EPDM Rubber & Sponge in a range of styles & sizes

Pinchweld Range 4

Pinchweld Range Page 4 Pinchweld – EPDM Rubber & Sponge in a range of styles & sizes

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