Rollon presents the first new redesigned products.

New opportunities for planners and industrial designers: Rollon has introduced its new Compact Rail on the market, now with a Plus version, in addition to the new actuators from the Plus System and Smart System families. These products are the first of a comprehensive technological and aesthetic redesign program that will progressively affect the entire product range. Increased performance and attention to detail to satisfy the needs of manufacturing companies are the main priorities, and now Rollon wants to add functional and original aesthetics.

Today, June 15th, marks the beginning of a comprehensive technological and aesthetic redesign project and the introduction of new products here at Rollon. This path will involve the entire range, product by product.

The first lines to benefit from the new design are our historical Compact Rail products and, from the actuator catalog, the ELM and ROBOT products from the Plus System family and the corresponding E-SMART and R-SMART from the Smart System range.  All these products have been technologically and aesthetically renewed. Their appearance was modified to increase performance and opportunities for industrial designers – with regard to production, procedural and economic efficiency – and to offer pleasant looking products that can be integrated perfectly into the factory design.

For Compact Rail, the system of rails with bearings in cold drawn steel with induction hardened and ground raceways whose main strength is being able to manage misalignment, Rollon has introduced a new version that offers great reliability in dirty environments and resistance to corrosion (they can be treated with Rollon Alloy – passivated electro-galvanization – or nickel-plating or galvanizing ISO 2081). The new Compact Rail also enjoys a long life span due to the induction hardened raceways, high performance, solidity and sturdiness guaranteed by the steel slider, and many other features that allow this product to be used in different types of applications.

The new Plus version, also guarantees higher performance levels, thanks to the double ball bearings and new rails with convex raceways, which guarantee greater rigidity with increased load capacities up to +170% in the axial direction and +65% in the radial direction. Lastly, the entire Compact Rail range, in its renewed version, offers new steel sliders equipped with self-centering raceway cleaners, integrated lubrication systems for the raceway cleaners with a slow-release felt pad for automatic lubrication, lateral seals to protect the internal components and a cover on top to prevent accidental alterations or tampering with the radial ball bearing rollers.

Regarding the actuators, the technological innovation and design process concerns the ELM and ROBOT products from the Plus System family and the corresponding E-SMART and R-SMART from the Smart System range.

Regarding the Plus System family – or rather, the protected linear actuators with anodized aluminum profiles, self-sustaining structures and toothed belt transmissions – the main changes concern the introduction of heads with hollow shafts instead of protruding shafts to connect with the locking assembly and reduction gear. Thanks to these new features, the gear motor can be mounted on the actuator directly by the client, a considerable improvement in terms of time, procedures and cost, for the clients themselves, and a substantial reduction in time to market. Therefore, our clients can now remove the cover belt without our intervention, thanks to the quick release of the block integrated into the flange that connects the profile and the actuator head.

Aesthetically speaking, Plus System products now have a blue finish and radiated heads, instead of squarish heads. The Rollon logo placed on the heads looks like the raceway cleaner head on the new Compact Rail. An updated version of the carriage has also been introduced, with heads on both sides.

The new features introduced in the Plus System product family are also present in the Smart System range, a family of linear actuators closely connected with the Plus family, which offer a very convenient price-quality ratio, high performance and a very simple and precise construction. Products from the Smart line now have a black transmission belt and new carriages. These also have radiated heads, with a groove that gives a sense of continuity to the line formed by the transmission belt.

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