We offer a wide selection of hinges with resistance to pivoting. These help in positioning doors & lids without further support. Our range includes detent hinges, torque hinges, constant torque hinges, adjustable torque hinge, & torque dampers in different colours & styles. Materials include stainless steel & acetat.

C6 / G6 Detent Hinges

Southco C6 / G6 Detent Hinges offer multiple design advantages for door positioning applications, including multiple detents, corrosion-resistant construction and … Continued

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NEW 3932 Series from Accuride

The Accuride 3932 is a new medium-duty counterpart to the popular light-duty 3832. Like our popular 3832E Classic, the 3932 uses a 1/2-inch cross-section. This shared cross-section lets you use…

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