Compact rail plus

Compact Rail Plus is Rollon’s new model of linear rail. It was created to provide industrial designers with a new point of view for design. The Italian company, a prominent reference in the linear motion market, have based their approach on a question to clients: “what are your needs?”. The technological choices change significantly, depending on the answers to this apparently simple question.

The level of precision, for example, will impact the total cost of a machine or application. Therefore, if the design phase starts off by choosing rails that offer high precision, designers will automatically start considering more expensive solutions that aren’t necessarily tailored to the required performance.

The “Plus” refers to the product’s enhanced load capacity compared to previous models, even though it’s other characteristics already position it as “top of the range” in the Rollon family of products. These new linear rails boast a double row of ball bearings and “C” profiles with convex raceways (that are induction hardened, ground and available in sizes 18, 28 and 43 mm). This allows it to support up to 170% additional load in the axial direction – compared to similar sized products – and up to 65% additional in the radial direction when compared to the previous models. This high performance can then be combined with the another special characteristic that all Compact Rail linear rails feature: misalignment management.

Compact Rail Plus can compensate for up to 3.5 mm axial misalignment and up to 1.3 degrees radial misalignment. These numbers alone might not say much, but when compared to linear rails with recirculating ball bearings, they say quite a bit. This latter type, in fact, has tolerances defined in hundredths of a millimeter, which is much lower than Compact Rail Plus.

The combinations of these characteristics open up many opportunities for designers and companies. All applications that do not actually require the high precision and rigidity of recirculating ball bearings still suffer from the costs associated with preparing the mounting surfaces, the mounting time and the use of these rails. All this when they could easily just benefit from simplification of design, hence lower costs, and still the enjoy the performance of Compact Rail Plus.

The Compact Rail versions guarantee operative continuity, maximum versatility & quality.

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