Introducing our extra heavy-duty 0116 linear motion guide, the same reliable product but with an even more impressive load rating of up to 600kg! At Accuride, we pride ourselves in the time and detail we put into testing each of our products, with each linear motion track tested to 100km in length.

0116rc Accuride

After conducting further tests, we are happy to announce that our 0116 linear motion track is now able to support load ratings of up to 600kg, making it ideal for extra heavy-duty applications. This means that our 0116 linear motion guide can support just under double the weight previously stated for the product, whilst still having the same impressive push force of 2% of the load it supports (e.g. a 200N push force when supporting a 1000kg weight).

Accuride 0116RC AlderHey_Sliding Doors

Same product, new possibilities
If you thought the award-winning 0116 linear motion track system was impressive – well, think again, because the product just got even better.

Previously, the 0116RC has been a popular option for the architectural sliding door market, having been a preferable and much cheaper alternative to automatic doors for these sliding doors in Alder Hey hospital. However, the much larger load rating opens up even more doors for potential applications for the DA0116RC linear motion track.

As the extra heavy-duty option in our linear motion range, the DA0116 linear motion guide is now well suited to heavier applications like large sliding walls or industrial cranes.

The 0116 linear motion guide is even capable of supporting load ratings of over 600kg. This will be dependent on the amount of carriages used and the way the slide is mounted. Please refer to the datasheet or contact us directly to discuss your load rating requirements in more detail.

This has been put to good use internally in our UK site, where our engineering team have used the track to easily and safely move a mobile gantry crane, weighing a daunting 1200kg. A much safer and sturdier way to move the crane compared to the castor wheels which previously supported it, resulting in a smooth and controlled movement.

Accuride 0116 crane and weight image

However, this impressive ease of movement also makes the product a suitable solution for extra heavy-duty sliding doors. If you are looking for a sliding door mechanism that you can trust to securely support large doors, then this is the right product.

ByHelle Kinning,EMEA Marketing Manager, Accuride International

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